personnel information

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  1. Researchers in Osaka University
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main research subjects

  1. Clarification of dynamic characteristics of cavitation in turbopump inducers for rocket engines (Reference 1,Reference 2)
  2. Study on the development of a right ventricular assist device
  3. Understanding of the characteristics of rotor dynamic fluid force and elucidation of the mechanism of its generation (Reference 3)

    While focusing on the above themes, I am also involved in the following.

  4. Performance confirmation tests of the turbopump inducer for a rocket for placing satellites into orbit
  5. Wind tunnel test of turbine cascades for high performance steam turbines

    The above researches are carried out with the support of the following external funds.

external funds

  1. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
    1. (B), "The development of semi-analytical fluid vibration coupling analysis technology for rotor dynamics of rocket turbopumps", Representative:Tsuyoshi Inoue, Nagoya University, Apr., 2019 - Mar., 2023.
    2. (C), "Dynamic characteristics of a turbopump inducer and tip vortex cavitation", Apr., 2017 - Mar., 2020.
    3. (C), "A study on dynamic characteristics of cavitation in single hydrofoils and a turbopump inducer", Apr., 2014 - Mar., 2017.
  2. Funds for joint researchs
    1. Kobelco Research Institute, Inc., "The wind tunnel test and the simulation of a turbine cascade", July, 2018 - Mar., 2020.
    2. Interstellar Technologies Inc., Muroran Institute of Technology, "Performance Confirmation Test of the Turbopump Inducer for a Rocket for Placing Satellites into Orbit", July, 2018 - Mar., 2020.
    3. Toshiba Corporation, "The study on self-excited vibration of a Francis turbine runner", June, 2016 - Mar., 2017.
  3. Research grants
    1. Public Interest Incorporated Foundation JKA,"Elucidation of unsteady response of tip vortex cavitation for the development of high performance rocket engine",Apr., 2020 - Mar., 2021.
    2. Public Interest Incorporated Foundation JKA,"The development of a new magnetically driven dynamic pressure bearing system for the realization of a right ventricular assist device",Representative:Takayuki Suzuki, Kobe City College of Technology, Apr., 2019 - Mar., 2021.